Nigerian Lady Narrates how EFCC Burst into a Hotel Room at 3am Where she was Slxxping with her Boyfriend (Photos)

Nigerian Lady Narrates how EFCC Burst into a Hotel Room at 3am Where she was Sleeping with his Boyfriend

A young Nigerian girl has narrated how the members of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFFC, busted into a hotel room, at wee hours, where she was passing the night with her boyfriend, in Ibadan.


According to the girl who posted the images from the raid, on her twitter page @dojarabbit, she said her bf had come down and they booked a hotel which they’ve been using since 2020, to meet. 


The tweets she posted on her page also reads that the EFCC also broke down almost all the rooms in the whole as they were conducting their raid. Adding that there are up to 250 rooms in that hotel. Her tweet reads;


My bf came down to Ibadan to see me and we lodged in the hotel we’ve always stayed since 2020. Fast forward to around 3am, we heard a loud bang from our sleep and gbam, the door was wide open already. Two men came in and dragged one young guy in as well and kept screaming in our faces “This is EFCC, this EFCC, bring your phones, bring your phones”.



I was so confused because from where to where??? I was really scared for my boyfriend because he has a nerve condition and I didn’t know what all that fear and anxiety could to him. He’s also Into cryptocurrency and NFTS. I already knew something might sup. I kept calm sha and was already praying to God in my mind.



They asked for his ID and asked him to open his phone, he kept fidgeting because of the phone part and I knew why. I gave them my phone first to pass time and hopefully he could hide the apps or something. They asked if I was a student and i said no, that I’m a baker. They went through my gallery and asked if those were pictures of my works, I said yeah.



Then they passed it back to me. They started searching my bf’s phone and one asked if I was his gf or wife and I decided to seize the opportunity to make small talk and jokes. Told him I’m his gf but I’m on the way to becoming his wife. He laughed and asked why he hasn’t married me yet, I said no money.



He said but we have money for hotel, I said hotel money is shikini nau Officer, we want a big wedding. He laughed and said we must marry o, I said definitely and I’d even send an invite to them. He laughed and asked his colleague to give my man his phone back because of me. That they should move on to other rooms



They broke every single room in every single building here and the hotel has 3 buildings. The hotel is A3 hotels, Samonda, opposite Ventura. They raided all rooms and packed a lot of guys and girls. Drove their cars away too. Beat some, punished some, etc. It was horrible



The hotel staff came in this morning and were begging us that this has never happened before and they were right. Since 2020, never heard or experienced it in this hotel before but I’m sorry, they’ve been compromised and people can’t risk their lives and security just because….


…..I implore you guys to be careful and not lodge there, at least till they sort out their problems (if that will happen lol). They’re compensating with free breakfast sha, time to order the most expensive thing on the menu 🤤



These are pictures of the other rooms they raided and destroyed. About 250 rooms, all the doors have been destroyed. Can’t imagine the costs they’d incur omo







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