Nigerian Guy, Wonders Okpor, Invents and Builds a Working Electric Cooker

A Nigerian technology inventor who goes by the name, Wonders Okpor, has invented and built a Working Electric Cooker. Sharing the news via his Facebook page, Wonders said it took him and his colleagues 3 days to start and finish the construction.



He also disclosed that he and his colleagues plans to solve a problem of high cost of cooking gas and reduce the rate of fire outbreaks in home and business places that are caused due to cooking gas.


Posting in his Facebook page, Wonders said that his company are in hopes of mass producing the electric cooker by the middle of 2022, in his words he wrote;


For the past 3 days, myself and the engineering team at Fuexba Group (One of my startups) have been working to manufacture an Electric Cooker.



Yesterday we finished designing and testing the first prototype.
This Cooker runs fully on electricity. It can be used to cook any food item.


We hope to solve 3 key problems with it..
1. We want to reduce Carbon emissions from firewood and gas cookers, which causes pollution and other diseases…
2. We want to make cooking stoves affordable to every household in Nigeria and Africa.


3. We want to reduce the incidences of Gas explosions and other related occurrences…
By the grace of God, we would start producing in full scale for the Nigerian Market in H2 2022.


His invention got several like and comments, of most are recommendations and praises from friends and followers who’re amazed with his invention.


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