Nigerian Customs Intercepts Container-load of Guns and Ammunition Which was Labeled as Plasma TV at Tin Can Port

The  Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) at the Tin Can Island Command, Lagos, have has intercepted a container loaded with guns and ammunition at the terminal B2 of the TICT.

CONTINUE READING BELOW learnt that the container was reportedly declared as plasma television, but upon examination by the (NCS) agents, it was discovered that the plasma TV cartoons were all loaded with guns.


Mr Uche Ejesieme who is the Public Relations Officer of the Tin Can Customs, said the Command was briefed by its officers about the case of the gun import.


Sources told our correspondent that the clearing license used to clear cargo was commercialized, this means that the clearing agent owning the license sublet it for a fee for another person to use.


What was rather surprising to the to the examination officers and the clearing agent was that whoever that owned the imports made very feeble attempt at concealing the firearms, besides giving a wrong declaration.



When he was contacted by our correspondent, Public Relations Officer of the Tin Can Customs, Mr Uche Ejesieme confirmed the report of the gun import

According to him, further examination are being made to confirm the quantity, adding that information are still sketchy at the moment.


“I wish therefore to confirm that a container suspected to be laden with arms and possibly ammunition was intercepted. Following this development,



the command intimated the terminal operators and requested that the suspected container be transferred to our enforcement unit for 100% examination.


“This suffices that the information is still sketchy but we do hope that comprehensive information would be availed after the 100% examination, following which we will communicate officially to the Customs management as well our zonal coordinator in line with service protocol,” he stated.


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