Nigerian Comedian Showers Meme of Praise on the Trending Clergywoman Known as Mommy G.O

A Nigerian funny man and meme maker has taken to social media to shower praises of meme on a currently trending clergywoman known as mommy G.O (General Overseer).




The comedian made a compilation of all the hilarious preaching and ascertains made by  mommy GO and used them to create a more ridiculous praises in the form of memes.


Posting on facebook, the funny man said;

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the gatekeeper of hell, our very own humble Mummy G.O!!!!

Former hired killer

founder of the first relaxer in the whole world….. ultra-sheen

Originator of the first attachment on earth


Former Deputy to Lucifer


Former Queen of the coast

Former Armed robber/cultist

Former Illuminati boss

Former General of the Egyptian Army

Secretary to the government of hellfire
Honourable member panel of judges for hellfire matters
Minister of interior ogboni, occult, serial killer and marine kingdom affairs

Former and present virgin with kids

Former everything…

900 years under the sea and another 300 years on IT under Lucifer.


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