Nigerian babe Embarrassed by Waiters in Restaurant Over non-Payment of her bills (Video)

Nigerian Lady Embarrassed By Waiters

A Nigerian babe has been harassed and embarrased by waitress  in a lounge after she failed to pay her bills. A video which captured scences from the incident was shared online. Reports gathered that she had come to the lounge with a man but was abandoned unexpectedly and she didn’t have enough to pay the bill.



She ended up begging the waiter to consider her since they are all females but her please fell on deaf ears. One of the waiters seemed to kind and gentle on her until another came along and the staff didn’t take it lightly as they threatened to assault her if she didn’t settle them on time. One of them said:


“You no know say you go pay when you dey chop all this one?. Dem dey follow you talk small small, you dey raise voice. Oga pay your bill!”




Reacting to the outburst, the other lady pleaded that they tamper justice with mercy and stop embarrassing her.



“Can you guys just relax? Don’t touch me, wait make I pay my bills. Stop embarrassing me”, the heartbroken lady replied.






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