Nigeria to Experience Total Power Failure as National Power Grid Collapses

Nigeria to Experience Total Power Failure as National Power Grid Collapses

There will be a total power failure in Nigeria as national electricity grid collapsed on Monday March 14, 2022. The national electricity grid crashed to zero following its loss of 1,100 megawatts (MW) from a 3,700MW peak generation earlier.


Daily Trust reported that as at 1pm on Monday March 14, the system was yet to pick up load as just three Generation Companies (GenCos) were trying to restart but yet to generate any energy.



According to the grid operation trend, of the active 25 GenCos on the grid, 19 of them were producing power as of 6am when the grid had 3,867.60MW but that began to reduce gradually until it dropped to 2,761.20MW by 10am after six GenCos went down, leaving just 13 GenCos.



At least 1,100MW was lost from the 3867MW peak generation when the five GenCos shut down. The affected plants include Azura-Edo IPP (Gas) which was generating 447MW earlier. Shiroro hydropower which had 300MW earlier went off; Trans-Amadi (Gas) lost 92MW; Alaoji NIPP (Gas) lost 75MW; Ihovbor NIPP (Gas) also lost 101MW.



Some Electricity distribution companies (DisCos) in the country have also confirmed that the recent collapse of the grid which occurred by 10:40am, disrupted power supply within their networks.



The Enugu Eletric Distribution Company, EEDC in a tweet posted on Monday afternoon, said;



The Enugu Electricity Distribution PLC (EEDC) wishes to inform her esteemed customers in the South East of a general system collapse which occurred this morning, Monday, 14th March, 2022 at 10:40 am.








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