Nigeria is Experiencing Their First Major Petrol Scarcity Under Gen. Buhari Administration — Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, has said that the current shortage and scarcity of petrol which Nigeria is currently facing, is the first major scarcity that has happened under Gen. Buhari’s Administration



He said this on a Channel TV earlier today, while addressing the current shortage of petrol which has made several fuel stations to hike the pump of petrol.


He also admitted that the adulterated fuel that was imported into the country has damaged the car engines of some of Nigerians, while maintaining that the administration of General Buhari, has restored normalcy in petroleum supply more than any other administration. . 

In his words; Femi Adesina said;


“Each time this issue of the fuel scarcity come up, there is also a word that comes to my mind; that word is called SNAFU, and it’s an acronym for Situation Normal All Filed Ups.





“What happened is a SNAFU in the petrol supply chain in the country,” he said. “In the life of this administration which will be seven years in May, it is only one major fuel scarcity we have had.”




“Now, there is a SNAFU, and some people are crying out as if heavens have fallen; no. “We should always consider the past and the present in this country. More than any other administration, this one (Buhari’s) has restored normalcy in petroleum supply for years.



“It is regrettable that Nigerians have had to stay hours on end at petrol stations. My driver also goes to queue up for hours before he gets fuel. Some people have had their car engines damaged, very regrettable.



“But then, we should not forget that it is not a routine or regular occurrence in the country and if there was an oversight, there is already a structure that can deal with that and we have been told that it’s going to be looked at.”




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