Nigeria Customs Chases a Trailer Until Driver Lost Control and Landed on Car Carrying a Woman and 3 Kids

What started as a regular for a woman with her 3 kids has taken an unpredicted turn when a container landed on a car she board with 3 of her kids. It was alleged that the container wash being chased by the operatives of Nigerian customs services (NCS) when the driver lost control and found wedge on the small car.


Eyewitness reported saying;

“The incident happened around past 9pm. The woman and her three children were trapped for several minutes after the container fell on them.


The customs officials chased the truck they suspected was carrying smuggled rice. But it was only woods that were inside the container after it fell”



The incident happened in Kwara on Wednesday evening, December 8, but luckily the woman and her kids were rescued eith some injuries and are receiving treatment in a local hospital


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