Netizens React as Video of Mummy GO spotted grabbing Pizza Surface Online (Video)

Controversial preacher, evangelist, Funmilayo Adebayo a.k.a Mummy GO has been spotted by a netizen where she was buying herself a roll of pizza.



Sharing the video across several media, the unidentified netizen wondered why would mommy G.O be buying pizza when she would always make statements that would o against the use of some modern things.


She is known for preaching against even some household items, food, fashionable items and appliances which she claims are “worldly” and would “lead one to hell”.



At the pizza joint, she was seen using her phone and her ear piece,  both of things which are seen as worldly things, while being filmed by a staff of the facility.


Several of her preaching has been turned to memes, as Nigerians who considered taking her seriously, had a change of heart after a video of her giggling in Dubai like a little baby in excitement, went online.



Despite being controversial, several Nigerians agreed with her preaching on what she said about Valentine’s day and February 14th 



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