Netizens React Against Underage Boy Drinking Star Raddler Beer in a Party While an Adult Danced Behind him (Video)

Several internet users have reacted angrily after a video of an underage boy surfaced online as he was carrying and drinking star raddler beer in a party.



The boy who is believed to be around ages 4-6 was seen drinking the beer which was clearly not meant for kids while a female adult was seen behind him dancing.


Shortly after, another adult female was seen joined the behind in dance, and they were both dancing as well as showing any care while the kid was sipping the beer.



Several media users who saw the video made attempts to trace the 2 adults seen in the video, which one of them is suspected to be a mother or legal guardian to the child


Some called it child abuse saying it is unacceptable and it is bad parenting while others admitted they have seen such at parties but doesn’t make it right.

Many young people in this generation don’t know that parenting is a huge task and frankly, this one is failing already. 


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