Neighbours Raises Alarm after a Woman ties-up Stepson like an Animal, then gags him to prevent him from Crying out for help

Woman ties up Stepson like an animal

Some neighbours have raised an alarm after a woman was caught at the moment she tied up a boy believed to be her step-son like an animal.




According to an eyewitness, they first thought that the woman was disciplining the boy like most African women usually do when their children perpetually misbehaves, but their concerns grew immensely after the woman gaged up the boy’s mouth so as to prevent him from crying out for help.





However through the intervention of some neigbours who couldn’t stand what they’ve sensed to be a torture, the little boy was rescued, but not after his stepmother hog-tied him for hours and then gagged him to prevent him from screaming.



According to a video of it which has been shared online and has gone viral since, it showed the moment neighbors and residents of the community believed to be in Delta state untied the boy. However no one mentioned where the incident happened. reported similar story of how a neigbour raised an alarm to necessary authorities in Imo state after discovering that the woman living in next compound, chains her wards to the wall, and locked them inside their rooms, before leaving to where she’s doing her business.



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