National Spokesperson, Nigeria Correctional Service Speaks and Explains the Story Behind Chidinma Ojukwu winning ‘Miss Cell 2022’

Francis Enobore, the National Spokesperson of the Nigeria Correctional Service, has addressed the controversy, arguments and disagreement among Nigerians since the news of Chidimma Okukwu wining “Miss Cell 2022” beauty pageant went viral.



It is understandable that Miss Ojukwu is a murder suspect and is currently remanded at the Kirikiri correctional facility, but Mr Enobore explained that the event was organized as part of the Nigerian prison reformation and rehabilitation programme.



Mr Francis Enobore also added that “Miss Cell 2022” beauty pageant which Chidima Ojukwu won, was organized to mark International Women’s Day, 2022, and also to keep the inmates in a sound and good spirit.



Besides the beauty pageantry, Mr Francis Enobore added that facility organized cooking competitions, theater works, tailoring, makeups, among others, all with the aim of correcting, reformation and rehabilitation the inmates. 



However, in his statement, Mr Francis Enobore didn’t confirm nor deny the claim that the pageantry among others, were already a tradition in the  Kirikiri correctional facility, long  or shortly before Miss Ojukwu became an inmate. 




A statement by the the National Spokesperson of the Nigeria Correctional Service, reads;


“What happened is that as part of our reformation and rehabilitation programme and to also keep the inmates in a sound and good spirit, we organise a number of social engagement amongst them. Some could be recreational activities, some could be theatre work like entertainment.




“There are a number of programs that we introduced to get the inmates happy and put them in a good frame of mind. First, we ensure that while they are there, they are open to correction, second, we ensure that they are there in good spirit in order to help them kill boredom.




There are so many things we do. In line with this, the officer in charge of the Kirikiri correctional facility organised some competitions among the inmates like cooking, tailoring, make-up, among others.



“These are things that will make them happy because our primary responsibility is to keep them safe and sound. That was what happened and she emerged the best in the competition. It is part of what we do. In fact, the person in charge of the Kirikiri female prison has been doing marvellously well.”







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