Na dem be this! Pst Newman, Nobody should suffer in the name of Christ — Mary Njoku

Na dem be this Pst Newman Nobody should suffer in the name of Christ – Mary Njoku

Nigerian actress, Mary Njoku, has said that nobody should suffer in the name of Christ, she made this statement while countering a statement by one Pst Newman, who claimed that late gospel singer, Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu was carrying her own cross.



Pst Newman while claiming the late Ekwueme crooner suffered and died in the lord, argued that the alleged abuses she faced in her marriage, if they were true, were her own cross, adding that everybody have their own cross and her marriage was her own cross to carry.


Reacting to his post, (which he later took down), Nigerian actress and ROK TV boss, Mary Njoku, stated that nobody deserved to suffer and die, all in the name of Christ, adding that the late singer won her to Christ. she commented saying;



Na dem be this. Someone should please ask this man what is his own ‘cup of suffering’ for Christ. Where does he receive your portion of beating for Christ (some of us can help him).



“Where in the Bible does it say that one must be married to abuse and be beaten to death to serve Christ?



“If Christ was a God to pain, suffering and agony, abuse, wickedness, or oppression nobody would serve him. “Pastoral calling is not for everybody, this woman won souls for Christ. So many souls, I am one of them.”




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