My Wife Victoria has Being Eating The Same Food Every Single Day, for Last 25 Years — David Beckham

England and Manchester United football legend, David Beckham, has revealed that is wife, Victoria, has been eatin same meal everyday, for the last 25years.



The former Real Madrid player disclosed while speaking to River Cafe Table 4 podcast, that his wife only eats grilled fish and steamed vegetables. He said;


“I get quite emotional about food and wine, when I’m eating something great I want everyone to try it. “Unfortunately I’m married to someone that has eaten the same thing for the last 25 years.


“Since I met her she only eats grilled fish, steamed vegetables, she will very rarely deviate from that, but the evening will have to really really special” 



“The only time she’s probably ever shared something that’s been on my plate was actually when she was pregnant with Harper and it was the most amazing thing.


It was one of my favourite evenings. I can’t remember what it was but I know she’s not eaten it since.”


Victoria has previously revealed she won’t eat food cooked in oil, butter or sauces, and she doesn’t eat red meat or dairy. She said her comfort food is a piece of whole grain toast with salt on it and on her birthday she celebrates with a cake made from fruit.



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