My Husband Was Neglected by His Family Members for Several Months-He jumped into Lagos Lagoon so Depressed

He said I should take care of his child and that I should not neglect him or make the baby suffer, I told him I’ve heard and he left the the house. The same morning i checked on him at his parents house, and they said he left the house early after taking his bath. they also said he asked them to take care of his wife and child and not let them suffer no matter what.



He collected 100Naira from an apprentice and left on a bike, right in their presence. His Full name is Abdul Ramon Olamilekan, and he was a graduate of Lagos state Polytechnic who studied Quantity Surveying. While he was working with some expatriates at Alaro City, we were both Living with our parents. His parents house is nearby so we visited each other regularly, we started dating when we were younger and we visited many relaxation centers together, he took me everywhere he went.


There was a huge connection between us and we loved each other so much, but fate had other plans. I can remember vividly all the things he told me before hew died, that was not a troublesome guy and did not have another lover except me. We have no power over predestination. That ws the wasy he chose to live his own life. He had been showing some signs for about six months before the incident.



Sometime he suddenly starts screaming and complaining about pains all over his body and every time he complained to his people, they felt less concerned saying it’s none of their business, that he’s under influence of drug-Colarado. Something like this occurred three days before the incident, he said he didn’t know what was wrong with him, but his parents did not pay attention. i don’t know if the rumors are true. I never caught him using Colorado.


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His family have detested me from the onset, but I insisted on marrying him because Lekan and I were in Love with each other. Although he had warned them before his demise, none of his family members have been supportive. My family and some sympathizers are the ones helping and assisting me, His family never visited me. all they rumor around is that i Killed their son, But I’m innocent. They were not doing their expected responsibilities on him or his family even before his death. They left all the family responsibility to him.


Before my Husband died, he did all he could to care for his child, I can vouch for him as a responsible father, and I can boldly testify that he loves his child and me his wife so dearly. I was just not spiritually alert to see his death so quick. I’m still in tears every night, especially when i look at his child, I’ll always remember him.


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