Muslim Worshippers Block Busy Market Road to Observe their Prayers in Sapele (Video)

A video has been making rounds across social media which captured the moment some muslim worshippers blocked a road in one of the markets in Sapele Delta State in order to observe their Friday Prayers.

CONTINUE READING BELOW obtained the video via a post made by a tweeter user, while condemning the act, the tweep added that such religious impunity is the order of the day and thrives well in Nigeria.


Saying prayers and practicing your faith is a fundamental right every humane being has, and there is freedom of religion in Nigeria, but blocking an access road in a busy market and making people wait on queue is just not acceptable, he added.



Several other users expressed their disapproval of such incident, and pointed out danger that this could easily be translated as a religious provocation, especially in a multi-religious nation like Nigeria.


Another of the commenters warned out that this can be translated into a message, not just to other religion but to tribes in Nigeria, that the nation, or any state belongs to them (muslims) and there’s any of them can do about it.

See the video below





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