Multiple Suspected Yahoo Boys Runs Mad in Enugu State (Video)

Multiple Suspected Yahoo Boys Runs Mad in Enugu State

Several young boys have reportedly run mad after they were seen behaving abnormally at a popular bus stop in Enugu state.



The boys from the way they were behaving, could be suspected to be internet fraudsters, who use diabolical means to acquire wealth, better known with its Nigerian name as G+ or yahoo+



One of the young boys who was being held was heard sying;

Onye ocha achoro ikwu’m ugwo’, meaning ‘The whiteman doesn’t want to pay me’., which is slang they make use of when describing their prey or victim.



Just yesterday, 2 girls were filmed at popular new heaven junction in Enugu as they were behaving like they’ve gone mad, shortly after they alighted from an SUV.


In 2022, there has been a huge rise in the case of young boys using diabolical means to make money, and young girls running mad or loosing theoir lives after they’ve been used by their boyfriends as sacrificial lambs.






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