Mr Macaroni, Frank Edoho, Rinu Oduala, Others, Condemns Patey Street, Lagos Island NDLEA Raid

NDLEA Arrests Adult Woman and Five Others In Lagos Island Drug Bust

Several Nigerians, including a popular skit maker, Debo Adebayo, better known to many as Mr Macaroni, has condemned the drug raid and burst conducted by the NDLEA agents at  Patey Street, Lagos Island, which has led to some deaths.




Mr Macaroni, took to his Twitter account to air his opinion, saying,

“NDLEA!! Pls Do your job without killing and brutalizing Nigerians. We say no to drug abuse and we also say no to this barbaric behavior. You people said you want to save lives but you have started taking lives. Please do better!!!!”




Ace talk show host and journalist, Frank Edoho, simply tweeted,

“@ndlea_nigeria we implore you to stop fighting and causing fear and panic against your own citizens.”



In the same manner, civil rights activist, Rinu Oduala, queried if blood must be shed before law enforcement agents in the country could do their jobs. She tweeted,


“I wake up every day to deal with anger, sadness & helplessness. Just look at this. Is this the nation we should keep living in? Police go do their own, soldiers go do their own, NDLEA go do their own. Must you kill us before you work?” 



In her follow up tweet, Rinu as she retweeted a video where operatives of NDLEA were seen shooting in market premises, wondered if the place in the video was even the Patey Street of Lagos Island, she said;


If you know Lagos Island well, you will understand this area is not even Patey. This is Sangrouse market. These officials were shooting recklessly into a market area. What are the rules of engagement of NDLEA?


Rinu Oduala
Rinu Oduala



BBNaija star, Mercy Eke, while airing her own opinion on the situation, said the country was becoming unbearable. She tweeted,


“Nigeria is becoming so unbearable for its citizen. Killing and harassing your own people is not the way to go!! @ndlea_nigeria the youths are not the problem, the problem is YOU! Making the conditions of the people worse than they already are is UNFAIR!! DO BETTER! .#NDLEA.”


Adewale Adetona, marketing & strategic expert and covener of Lagos digital summit, reacted to the news saying;



Why NDLEA officers are shooting at people sporadically like a gangster on the street is what I don’t understand. We all agreed drugs is a No No and that’s why the agency is set up to curb the menace, but do your arrests without violating rights and killing innocent souls.


Adewale Adetona
Adewale Adetona



However, the NDLEA while speaking of the development via their Twitter handle, said,



“A lot of fake narratives have been going on what happened at Petty area of Lagos Island earlier today. Please disregard them.


Truth is our operatives went for the arrest of a major drug kingpin and we got her and 5 others with almost 6,000kg of drugs despite attacks on our men.”



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