Mr Ibu (John Okafor) Clears the air After he was Accused of Endorsing Tinubu (Watch)

Mr John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu has taken his time to clear the air to address a claim made by several Nigerians, saying he is supporting and supporting Bola Tinubu.



This was after the Nollywood veteran actor and some other actors were seen sitting around a conference table, singing Tinubu’s praise.


The clip later sparked up emotions and claims by several Nigerians, who called other Mr Ibu and other celebrity actors and singers for supporting anything or anyone that is against the interests of the youth in Nigeria.


However, Mr Ibu in his defence too time to make a video he shared to his IG page to clarity the air and set the records straight. In the video, said; 



“Anybody I visited is just simply a visitation. As an actor they wanted me to assist them in one way or the other that does not mean I’ve abandoned my candidate and fathers. Everybody is contesting in 2023 and may God help them.”


I’m a completely independent person, anything that has to do with any thing publicly you should address me on that. I don’t know why this thing is going round like this.



“I’ve never run sideways, it’s been me and Atiku who has helped me in so many ways and if he is running for president certainly Atiku is my candidate.


“Atiku is like a father to me, been working for him even in his own State, so I wouldn’t abandon him. I’m not trying to pull Tinubu down but he’s not my candidate, Atiku is my candidate.


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