Mother of the Suspended Chrisland School Student, Says the School is Trying to Cover up What Happened (Video)

mother of the girl

Mother of the suspended 10year-old Chrisland School Student, has raised an alarm that the school management is trying to use every resources at their disposal to hid the issue of her daughter’s r@!pe.





According to a video which was shared online, the mother alleged that her daughter was taken away from her and was interrogated without her (the mother’s) consent and approval, adding that the school threatened to k!ll her child if she dares to speak out.




The mother also said that her daughter was dying in silence for while and she was not aware of what her child was passing through. The mom also said that it came to a point where her child started having cold feet about going to school.





According to the mom, he child’s teacher whom she gave her name as Mr Timothy, was verbally abusing her child, adding that they (the school) took the child and conducted a pregnancy test, without the consent of the girl’s parents, and claimed they were taking the girl for covid test.




The mother also said that how the school repaid her and her husband for all the money they spent on their child for her to follow them to Dubai for the competition where the incident happened, was by sending her (her 10year old daughter) a letter of suspension 









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