Mother of the Baby Found in Delivery Guy’s Dispatch Box, Exonerates the Rider, Says he Didn’t Kidnap her Son (Video)

The mother of the toddler that toddler that found inside the delivery box of a dispatch rider on Saturday, has come out to clarify on the issue as well as exonerate the rider for any alleged crimes of kidnapping.



Recall that reported that a delivery guy was arrested by a mob last weekend after a Baby was found in his delivery box. The guy was accused of kidnapping, but the mother of the child has cleared the air as they went to police to explain what led to what.


The mother of the child, together with Adesola, the owner of the logistics company, both went to the police headquarters in Ikeja to make their statement and clear the air.


The mother insisted the dispatch rider seen with her child is her child’s uncle and she was the one who gave him the child. She said he is not a kidnapper as was claimed in a video shared by locals who saw him with the child and assumed the worst.




Things would’ve easily gotten out of hand if not for the timely police intervention as they rescued the dispatch rider from the mob who were aleady beating him.







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