Mother in Tears as Drunk Yahoo boy Knocks her Little Girl Dead at Sango Junction in Ibadan (Photos)

Mom in tears as Yahoo boy kills her little Girl

A Nigerian mom is has been left in tears and pain after an alleged drunk yahoo boy lost control of his car and knocked down her little girl in Ibadan on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.



The rather heart breaking / sad news was shared on twitter by a user with handle, @OjoAlawada, who is believed to be the resident of the area. He stated that the yahoo boy was drunk with too many red wines and then entered the steering wheel with an unclear head.



He also said that several red wines were found inside the vehicle of the yahooboy, adding that the little girl he knocked down was taken to the hospital, but she died the following day. His tweet reads;



Yahoo boy coming from Eleyele after the rain last night ran into a young girl at Sango junction after loosing control. Told the guy was high and has a lot of red wines inside his car. The little girl d*ed this morning, leaving the mother in this condition.


as Shared on Twitter by @OjoAlawada
as Shared on Twitter by @OjoAlawada


The guy is currently in the police custody. But the deed has been done already! This is really sad! IF YOU DRINK, DON’T DRIVE!!!






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