Mother in Tears after his only son was K1lled by Ebubeagu in Orlu Imo State, because of the Mark they Found on his Body (Video)

Mother in Tears after his only son was K1lled by Ebubeagu in Orlu Imo State

A mother has been left in tears and pains after she heard her son being shut to death by the men of Ebubeagu security outfit in Orlu Imo state. Chinonso Uba, a.k.a Nonso Nkwa, OAP at Ozisa Radio Fm Owerri, shared the said news on his twitter page on Friday morning.




In a video which was obtained by, the mom was heard narrating how they (she and her husband) got worried after their son didn’t come home before his usual time (8pm) in the evening of the day she was shut by Ebubeagu.


She said that their phone ranged and her husband picked the call, asked who was speaking and it was his son, who was being held at gunpoint by the Ebubeagu. The father now asked what did he do, one of the Ebubeagu men took the phone and said it’s because his son hard a mark on his body, which they believed was diabolic mark used by the dreaded unknown gun men, for protection.



The father now explained that the mark on the boy’s body is a scar from a wound he sustained after he was involved in an accident in the past. But the Ebubeagu operative who was at the other end of the phone told the boy’s father that he’s stupid, they’ll k1ll his son and there’s nothing they can do.


Immediately the shot the boy and told the father to go and look for his son’s corpse. According to the grieving mother who was narrating the story, she heard the sound of gunshot through the phone.





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