More Work is What will Save Nigeria Says Reno Omokri

What will Save Nigeria is a question that is the question that is undoubtedly on the minds of many Nigerians, given the not promising state of security and the increasing devaluing of the Naira. Thus one while thinking about these things, one can’t help but to ask the question What will Save Nigeria?



Renowned traveler, author and gospeller Reno Omokri has tried to give an answer to the question What will Save Nigeria in a post he shared in his page stating that he is growing out of patience towards the increasingly harsh condition of the economy in the country.


He stated that prayer, though it is good, but it won’t honestly save Nigeria at this moment, hinting that being the country with the most number of big and small churches in Africa, yet all the prayer couldn’t save the nation, thus it is important to start putting good works now into Nigeria as it is the only thing that will save the nation, his posts in full reads;



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I am beginning to lose patience with pastors who are calling for more prayers for Nigeria. We have been praying for 100 years. We pray more than Luxembourg, the richest country on Earth.


Yes, we should pray. But Nigeria needs more work. Smart work! Our continent has the largest church auditoria on Earth. This won’t be a problem if they they are only full on one day! But how can churches be full on a week day? Even Christ Himself did not go to Synagogue every day. God only asked for a day (the Sabbath).


Other days are devoted to WORK! God said “Six days you shall work”-Exodus 34:21. Work, not prayer, is the source of genuine wealth! No matter how religious a people are, they cant progress by replacing work with prayer. If God blesses prayer without work, then He will Himself be breaking His Word


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