More Bad Petrol Spotted at Fuel Stations in Lagos (Video)

It is no more news that there is a bad petrol currently in circulation in the country. It was reported that the petrol of bad quality entered the country via an imported product by the NNPC.



It was also alleged that the adulterated fuel has already left the depot to various fuel stations in Nigeria, amounting to over 100m Liters, which are said to be in circulation.


In a video which was obtained by LatestNGnews earlier,  a staff of Mobil fuel station was seen demonstrating that the adulterated fuel has damaged various cars and vehicles of their customers, who are currently suing them.



In a similar event, a pump attendant of MRS fuel station Lagos, was also seen in a video dispending an adulterated fuel.


Some parts of the country are currently experiencing fuel scarcity as some fuel stations have been shut down over reports that they have been supplied with adulterated fuel.


Some branches of Ardova, Enyo, northwest, total & pinnacle filling stations were affected and the government has reportedly asked depot owners not to take advantage of this to increase price.



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