Mom Cries out After Finding Spirit inside a Cough Syrup She Bought for her Baby (Video)

Young nursing mom in Imo State, has cried out bitterly after she found a methylated spirit in what was supposed to be a vitamins syrup she bought to give to her daughter. The weeping mom said the bought the cough syrup at Save More Pharmacy in Owerri, the capital City of Imo State.



According to what she narrated, what saved her was her habit of tasting whatever thing she’ll give her daughter first before giving it to the child. She also said while in tears that she perceived the liquid which was supposed to be a cough cyrup, she immediately she opened it, lo and behold it was a methylated spirit.


Cystal said she has developed a habit to tasting any drug she wants to give her child. She said if she hadn’t perceived the drug, she would have mistakenly given her child the poisonous liquicd.



What would i have done!!!!!!!!!!!  What explain would i have given, wey them go believe me. In this my lonely environment



Wetin i for talk…. Say me a prayer . My innocent child would have been a died child if not that Chukwuokike at the right time.


Truly my chi is alive…May this not happen to anybody.” 


The nursing mum, who’s screen name is Emperial Crystal Black, beacame very emotional at the thought of she loosing he daughter if she had gievn the spirit to the child, she became very teary immediately as  she shared her story.


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