Mode of Operation of the One Chance Kidnappers Caught at Onitsha Motorpark Revealed (Video)

Suspected Kidnapper who Posed as Passengers Arrested in Onitsha Motor park in Anambra State

The mode of operations used by the suspected one chance kidnappers that were in a motorpark at Onitsha, Anambra state Nigeri has been revealed by the Onitsha police where the suspected were handed over and detained.




Recall that reported earlier this week that suspected kidnappers were apprehended after they came to the motor park as regular passengers, occupied seats in a registered transport minibus taking off from Onitsha.



They were nabbed after a naval officer uncovered their alleged motive. The young naval official signaled his base at the Overhead Bridge via WhatsApp, about the suspected kidnappers.




The suspects were rounded up after a timely intervention by a team from the naval base who headed to Upper-Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra state. While parading them at the police station, they confessed that they operate by;


the gang members to fill a bus which also belongs to the gang, leaving just one seat or too. They will then call out for passengers to complete the seats. On the way, they will either rob, kidnap or kill the unsuspecting passengers.


The police and other security agencies thereby advise the public to always patronize reputable and known transport companies that have registered and have loading parks, not the ones that load from the road side.






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