Missing Woman, Joy Benson, from Bayelsa, Says She Doesn’t Know how she got to Lagos (Video)

Missing Woman Joy Benson from Bayelsa Says She Doesnt Know how she got to Lagos

A missing woman from Bayelsa State, who gave her name as Joy Benson, has said that she doesn’t know how she got to Lagos. This was after some residents of Jakande Estate, Isolo Lagos state, found her naked on the streets and gave her clothes.




Narrating her ordeal to the female interviewer, the woman (Joy Benson), said that they last thing she remembered was that she was on her way to the Church. 


She couldn’t remember much details about herself, like her mother’s name, but she was able to remember that her name is Joy Benson, has 2 kids and she is from Bayelsa state.



She said that some people carried her and gave her injection which made her to sleep off, that she don’t know how to got to Jakande Estate, Isolo Lagos state.





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