Mentally Challenged Woman Delivers Her Baby In front of Anambra Broadcasting Service, ABS (Photos)

Mentally Challenged Woman Hope Eze Delivers Her Baby In from Staff of Anambra Broadcasting Service ABS

A yet to be properly identified mentally challenged woman, who gave her name as Hope Eze, has delivered a bouncing baby girl in front of a state owned Anambra Broadcasting station, ABS, in Onitsha, on Wednesday, 6th April 2022.


The media publication took to their verified fb page to share the news and a brief narration of what happened, adding that a staff of the broadcasting station was on her way to work, when she saw the woman already in labour and about to deliver her baby.



With her help and the help of other volunteers, the mentally challenged woman had a baby safely, she delivered a baby who weighed 3.2kg. It was indeed a miracle that she was so cooperative, because resident who are familiar with her said that she always rejects helps, and tend to become violent when approached.



All that was able to be established is that the  woman was described as a resident of the area, because she sleeps and wakes up at the bus stand in front of ABS on a daily basis.



Efforts were made to try and identify her, with possible hopes of reconnecting her with her family, but fortunately, there was no luck. According to a staff of ABS who helped in the delivery, the woman claimed she was not be aware that she was pregnant until she started having contractions that morning.



Mrs Eucharia Nwachukwu, of ABS, who helped in the delivery process said she was alerted and immediately rushed to the bus stand only to discover that the lady had put to bed with the help of some women but joined them to help her deliver the placenta.



The Chief Medical Director Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital, Amaku Awka, Dr Josephat Akabuike explained that he received a call from a staff of ABS, alerting him of the development and he immediately detailed his nurses to the scene.



Dr Akabuike added that the new mother is presently in their custody but wondered how long she will stay in the hospital since no one knows her identity.



The lady in question who gave her name as Hope Eze, claimed she hails from Cote d’Voir while her mother is from Imo state. It is truly surprising and nothing short of a miracle, how she carried her baby full term, and delivered safely, without any pre-natal care, and probably no medications and routine drugs.







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