Meet Peekaboo Pumpkin, a 36-years-old Woman who grew tired of Shaving her Beards

A tik-tok user who goes by the name Peekaboo Pumpkin is a 36-year-old lady who was born with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which makes her hairy to the extent she grow hairs around her chin and in excess.



She grew tired of always cutting and shaving it, so she decided to let it grow, and after a while, show it off on the internet, to the amazement of many.


Before she decided to let the hairs grow, she had a difficult time adjusting herself to her life and tried several hair removal cream but none worked. 


So she made a decision to try something different, and that is leaving the hairs to grow out on their own. In her words;



“Laser hair removal didn’t work for it. It took me years to be in the place where my facial hair wouldn’t bother me,” 


I only had to move around especially on trips and travels with a pair of mini scissors to trim the beard.


She braids the hair or uses straighteners to make it less “crusty”. The type of love and exposure the beard got her was massive as she didn’t think many people would react positively to it.


Ever since she first a picture of herself with the grown beards, she has been hailed for her confidence, especially with many women who have beards telling her that they are not as bold as she is.


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