Maureen Esisi Shares DM Screenshot of Someone Offering to pay ₦350k per Night for her to Spend 4 Nights with him

Maureen Esisi

Maureen Esisi, an ex-wife to popular award wining Nigerian actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, has shared a screenshot of an alleged man who’s making advances on her.




According to Maureen, she said that the man who acted strange and not normal, asked her if she’ll agree to 350k a night, and spend a total of 4 nights with him.



In the message, which she shared on her Instagram page, the sender wrote that a friend who stays at VGC is offering her N350k per night to spend 3-4 nights with him.




The sender also went on to say that there is a possibility of her getting a huge tip and getting spoiled if she accepts the offer.


Reacting on her page, the IG influencer wrote: “Are People Normal lai dis????.”








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