Mark Zuckerberg Confirms Facebook Name Changes From Facebook to Meta

Facebook Name Changes From Facebook to Meta – Mark Zuckerberg Founder and CEO of Facebook has confirmed in an announcement, made on the 28th of October that the company will have their name formally change from Facebook to Meta. According to Mark, Facebook’s name change doesn’t mean a drop in their quality of service they render  In his words;



“To reflect who we are and the future we hope to build, I’m proud to share that our company is now Meta,”

We’re still about bringing people together. Our apps and their brands aren’t changing either. We’re still the company that designs technology around people.


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“But all of our products, including our apps, now share a new vision: to help bring the metaverse to life. And now we have a name that reflects the breadth of what we do.


“From now on, we will be metaverse-first, not Facebook-first. That means that over time you won’t need a Facebook account to use our other services. As our new brand starts showing up in our products, I hope people around the world come to know the Meta brand and the future we stand for.”


The full announcement which he dubbed “FOUNDER’S LETTER, 2021” can be found at Mark Zuckerberg’s official Facebook page.


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