Many Young People are no Longer Learning Handwork Like Pluming, Carpentry, etc — Actor Frank Donga

Actor Frank Donga

Nigerian actor and comedian, Frank Donga, has raised concerns over the decreasing number of young people who’re getting interested in artisan skills, stressing that young people are now interested in getting quick money instead of learning skills and handwork.



He said, handworks like carpentry, plumbing, metal works, etc, are lacking young energy, adding that the professionals in the field are getting old and tired, but young people aren’t showing interest to learn it.


In a thread shared on his Twitter handle on Saturday, Donga wondered if these jobs are difficult or seen as dirty or do not pay well, he wrote saying; 


Nigeria low-key has an artisanal skill problem. There’s less and less people picking up carpentry, plumbing, metalwork etc. The few good ones are old & tired.




Young folks would rather go into “other” things that bring “quick money”. The impact is increasing.. 🚶🏿‍♂️#justSaying






Actor Frank Donga


Many professionals are complaining of not getting apprentices. Sometimes, we have to get good hands from neighbouring countries. Is it because these jobs are difficult or seen as “dirty”? Or they don’t pay well?


It’s beginning to look like the ‘Intro-Tech’ workshops, classes and money spent on that project didn’t really do a lot😢






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