Many People Have Threatened me that they have Connections to the CIA, but no Amount of Threats will make me Betray my People — Gov Nyesom Wike

Gov Nyesom Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has stated that he will never betray his people despite the threats he has been receiving. Wike who spoke on Wednesday, August 31, at Ikwerre Local Government Area of the state when he flagged off Igwuruta Internal Roads project, said he is not known for betrayals.





He also stressed that he would do the biddings of Nigerians and not the biddings of a few individuals who believe that if they are not there, it must be their children. Gov. Wike said;



“Time will come when Nigerians will know this types of characters; characters that will say all kinds of things because of power; characters that will be agents to destroy their own people…they should take one-day fasting and pray for their forgiveness because from what I have seen they are almost doomed.



“There is no amount of threats that will make me betray my people. I won’t do that; what I have said today is what I will say tomorrow. Go and check our history, we are not known for being betrayals at all.



“Some people threatened that they are former generals, they are close to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in America; they can deal with us. I say, listen, no problem, if you are close to America’s CIA, why didn’t you use it to solve the Boko Haram problem? Nigeria has a serious problem and you are linked to CIA, why not use that contact and solve Nigeria’s problem?



“You want to use it to threaten me, who are you? I should come and do your own bidding? I will not do that; I will do the biddings of Nigerians not the biddings of a few individuals who believe that if they are not there, it must be their children; no other person should come up. I will not do that. A day shall come and Rivers State will take a decision on what to do.”




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