Many Nigerians Care More About Sc!xual Supplements, #BBNaija, Football betting and Organic cream — Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide to ex-president Goodluck Johnathan, has taking a swipe at many Nigerian youths and accused them of preferring irrelevant things that will not add any value to their life.




Pastor Reno argued that youths prefer football betting, sc!xual supplements and enhancers, Bbniaja and the rest, compared to engaging themselves in meaningful things that will add value to their worth and improve the society.


He shared this in a post he made on his fb page on Wednesday morning, and advised to youthd to do well to change our lifestyles, in hopes that it’ll help move the nation. 


He wrote to his followers saying;

Five things that Nigerians do not joke with:
1. Sexual supplements
2. #BBNaija (for inspiration on what to do in the bedroom)
3. Church and mosque
4. Football betting
5. Organic cream



All other things, including election, education, and self development, are secondary!
Someone said this is how to create a typical Nigerian town: 1000 churches and mosques. 500 football viewing centres. 250 sport betting kiosks. 100 brothels. A sprinkling of schools. Okada for public transport.



No public library. No parks and gardens. No community centre. No youth guidance and counselling unit.


It may look like a joke, but we must change our lifestyles!


What Nigerians Care More About Reno Omokri
What Nigerians Care More About – Reno Omokri




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