Manchester United fans to Stage a #GlazersOutNOW Protest Tonight Before Liverpool Game (Video)

Manchester United fans to Stage a GlazersOutNOW Protest

A divided group in the Manchester United fans have planned and are ready to stage a full scale anti-Glazers protest today, Monday, August 22, 2022, at the stadium, just before the Liverpool game tonight. The protest which is reported pioneered by the Manchester United fans’ group, known as The 1958, is aimed to force the owners out of the club by selling it to a more competent owner.




According to insider reports that was made available to the group, the Glazer family who took ownership of the club in 2005, have not spent a dime of their own money as investments to the club, but rely on the proceeds the club generates. The group claims that the Glazer family, have reportedly taken over £1b since they became the new owners.



The Anti-Glazers movement was reignited last season after continuous slow but gradual poor performance by the club, with no EPL, or UCL since after Sir Alex Ferguson retired. Protests were visible at home games last season, while on banners at away games, but today, and a large scale march is planned before kick-off against Liverpool at Old Trafford.




Supporters are being asked to congregate at The Tollgate pub at 6.30pm to begin a march towards Old Trafford for 7pm. Some fans have pledged not to go into Old Trafford to watch the game, staying away to try and show their displeasure with the ownership by leaving seats empty.


Banners and flares are expected to light the route to Old Trafford before kick-off, while protesters are urged to stay peaceful and legal, while venting their frustrations.



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