Man Storms First Bank in Anger, Seizes Bank Printer, Demands his Money back after The Bank Delayed him for 2 months (Video)

Man seizes bank printer demands his money in video

A man has stormed one of the branches of a popular First Bank of Nigeria, and makes away with one of the printers used for work in the bank, after the bank did a debit in his account without any explanation.




It was gathered that the man has been visiting bank branch for several times so as to rectify the issue and have his money, but he alleged that had been giving him delay tactic for the past 2 months.



So today he decided to get justice in his own terms, stormed the bank brank on Tuesday morning and was making away with of the printers used by the workers in the bank. The man who proceeded to the door with the printer stopped and asked if they were now ready to attend to him.




In the clip, other individuals were seen pleading and trying to calm him down. It is no longer strange that Nigerians complain about missing funds from their bank accounts which takes ages to be refunded.



There’s been similar incident of banks debiting their customers without any explanations, the latest occurred just days ago, where a woman stormed one of the branches of Zenith Banks and threatened to remove her clothes and protest if the bank don’t refund her ₦100k that was deducted without any explanation. 






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