Man Narrates how his Close Friend Sold him out to Bandits because he was Expecting his Retirement Funds

A reporter, Nathaniel Bivan, has shared a rather saddening story of how a man was kidnapped by the bandits who were fed information by a friend closest to the kidnap victim.



In the story, it was revealed that the victim who was expecting his retirement funds, had promised a sum of ₦100,000 to his friend once the money arrived. However the friend went behind and fed bandits information about the victim, and the amount of money he was expecting. 


The bandits now kidnapped there victim but things didn’t go as the sabo thought. Nathaniel shared the story saying;


The man pleaded that the bandits give him ₦100,000 out of the money he was handing over to them as ransom.

The gang asked him why.


“I promised my friend that I’ll give him one hundred thousand out of my retirement benefits to start a business.”


The bandits looked at each other and asked him who that friend was.


He told them.

They looked at each other again and broke the news:


Screenshot of the story as was shared by reporter Nathaniel Bivan
Screenshot of the story as was shared by reporter Nathaniel Bivan


It was the same friend who gave them information that he, their current victim, was expecting his retirement benefits.

Later, they brought the friend before the man and handed him a gun. They ordered him to pull the trigger.


The man refused.

They shot the friend and handed the man his bag of money.

Go home, they said.


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