Man Narrates How He Bought Expired Liquid Milk That Was Forward-dated

First of all I will like to state clearly that I am not writing this to tarnish the image of anyone, product or company. This is a story of how a man bought an Expired Liquid Milk That Was Forward-dated. The words you’re about to read next are the exact words of the lucky individual narrating their ordeal.


 Good morning everyone, please we need to be very careful in things we buy and consume these days, a lot is happening. Human beings are becoming more wicked and heartless all in the Name of making ends meet.

“I bought this three crowns evaporated milk last night from a nearby store in my neighborhood, got home and opened it the normal way, I punched the two sides trying to pour the milk out but it refused to come out, then I realized something was wrong.
I used a tin opener to open the milk completely, lo and behold! This is what I saw. Tin milk is now like frozen yogurt, like thick pap. I checked the expiry date and read 2022.



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“I’m very sure this milk has expired and someone somewhere changed the expiry date and pushed it back into the market.
This is wickedness! Man inhumanity to his fellow man!! These days we complain about high rates of cancer, kidney problems, heart failure, all kinds of diseases, sudden death, etc, not knowing it is caused by most of the things we consume.

“God saved me, Na like this I for use my money buy poison and eat last night without knowing. Hia! Nawaoo!! Who knows what would have happened next? People are heartless and mean. May God continue to save his people.”


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