Man Laments After he Found out That Food Stuffs Which was Given to him by His Friend to Help Carry to Dubai, Were all Filled with Hard Drugs and Weed (Video)

An Igbo man from Oba, Anambra state, who was planning to go to Dubai, has lamented and called the attention of the public, after he found out that his friend who asked for his help to carry some items to Dubai, packaged, igbo (weed or ganja), tramadol, cannabis, sativa, etc inside food stuffs.

CONTINUE READING BELOW gathered that the man who was ready to head to the airport the following day, suspected some foul play while he was packing those food items in his ghana-must-go-bag.


He decided to open one of the items which was sealed in a kiddies snack, lo and behold, he found out that the items were all tampered with and sealed to perfection.


As seen on the video, a popular milk oat snack for kids which is usually sold at ₦20, was filled with igbo weeds, according to the lucky man, he said that his greatest surprise is how perfectly sealed the items were., that one can hardly tell the difference.



Other food Items which was seen in the video to have been tampered with includes, 5L red oil, bitter leaf, pounded yam flour, crayfish.


The man also said that sacks of seasoning cubes were all sealed with igbo weeds and tramadol capsule, coffee and tea sacks were all filled with igbo weed and tramadol.



The man while praising his stars for saving him, said that if he were caught at the airport with these items, that he will be facing a life in prison or even execution for having so much amount of contrabands in his possession.



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