Man Dumps his Wife And Kids in Nigeria, Returns to Spain With Their Travel Documents (Video)

A Nigerian man has left his wife kids in Nigeria and secretly travelled back to Spain after he tricked his wife and kids into coming back to Nigerian in disguise of family vacation.


The man went back to Spain without his family and he reportedly seized his wife and kids’ travel documents before disappearing.



The wife in a touching video cursed the man over the sad incident. The family was initially based in Europe, but at the moment, the wife and kids are in Nigeria while the husband is in Spain.


The breadwinner and husband has been identified as Chinedu. The wife was seen in tears in a video, saying that the man came back with his family to Nigeria on vacation but quietly returned to Spain without them.



Making her case on her knees in the clip, the woman blamed Chinedu’s elder sister for spiritually manipulating him.









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