Wife of 1 Month Choose to Jump Fence and Run Away Instead of Surrendering her Phone to her Husband (Video)

Man Caught his Wife Scx chatting With boys 1month After Their Wedding

A man has been left in a state of disappointment after he caught his newly wedding wife scx-chatting with other boys, barely 1 month after their wedding, but what his wife did next was even worse.



According to the man who’s voice was heard in the background, he said that his wife of 1month always spend so much time on the phone, chatting and talking with different boys.



He also said that his wife spends hours in the kitchen chatting and calling with different people, and will always come to bed late at night sometimes around 11 and 12pm



He said that he demanded for the wife’s simcard, which she uses to chat with those guys, but she refused to surrender the sim, instead she ran away at night and use ladder to jump fence.





The man in his disappointment, caught his wife through a cctv footage, where and when she was making attempts to jump the compound fence at night



According to the man, he said he’s very disappointed at the type of wife he married, adding that any woman that will have the mind to use ladder and jump fence at night, probably have a serious criminal tendency.








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