Man Calls for Public Attention Over a Cracked Pillar at Murtala Mohammed Airport

A twitter user has called for public awareness to when he spotted a pillar with cracked walls at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos state.



The twitter user who’s screen name is Chxta posted the a picture of the cracks in one of the pillars of Murtala Mohammed Airport parking lot saying;



”This is MM2’s parking lot. Given the rate of building collapses in Lagos, can someone alert the right people so we don’t have another disaster on our hands?

So many bad engineers commenting on this tweet. I have two engineering degrees. (I switched careers 12 years ago).
What we’re looking at is two cracked pillar on an expansion joint. There’s a difference. The pillar aren’t meant to split like that.
But hey, we love our burials.”


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