Man and Woman Dies While Having Scx Inside Car, at Nasfat Building, Along The Road in Lagos (Video)

Man and Woman Dies While Having Scx Inside Car at Nasfat Building Along The Road in Lagos

2 unidentified adults (a man and a woman) has been found dead inside a car along the road in Lagos state. They were found on Tuesday Afternoon, March 1, 2022.




According to eyewitnesses who gathered to feed their eyes, the couple were found in an uncomfortable positions, while some said they were both having canal knowledge of each other.


The incident happened at Nasfat building, Lagos/Ibadan Express way. They couple were seen inside a tinted Toyota Sienna vehicle while they passed, and the key of the car was till intact inside the ignition.


No one knew exactly what was the cause of their death, and how long they’ve been dead for, but some say they’re suspected to be have been dead for like 2 days now.



With little way of identifying the, man, he was suspected to be a member Redeem Christian Church of God, RCCG, due to the church sticker that was found at the back of his vehicle…


…and a working site helmet which which was found on his car dashboard, which suggested that he might have been a civil engineer or contractor.





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