Lovely Moment Nigerian Man Working in the USA Army, Surprised his Nurse wife at her workplace (Video)

It was indeed a moment of joy and shock for Mrs. Elizabeth Oyeyomi when her husband whom she had not seen for 11 solid months, returned from deployment and decide to surprise her at the hospital where she’s working.



Nurse Elizabeth couldn’t believe her eyes, she was like is this my husband Damilare Oyeyomi, or is this a ghost, one minute she was shocked, the next she practically ran away.


It was gathered that the husband, Damilare Oyeyomi, is serving in the US Army, and had been on overseas deployment for 11 months.



So he thought what better way to throw a surprise party at no extra cost, than to actually surprise his wife that he’s been apart from for the 11 months.

Towards the time he was supposed and expected to be home, Damilare called her wife and told her he would be away for another 6 months. 


Not happy with the news, but seemed ok, Elizabeth took it in good stride, only for him to pull off a pleasant surprise at her office. Indeed it was a magical moment seeing the reaction on the wife’s face.



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