Long Queue of People Standing to Withdraw Cash From ATM in Moscow (Video)

Long Queue of People Standing to Withdraw Cash From ATM in Moscow

A video showing a really big number of people who queued up in lines as they wait to withdraw money from an ATM in Moscow has surfaced online.


In the video, up to 100 to 200 persons were seen waiting in line so that it’ll get to their turn for them to use the ATM. The feud currently going on between Ukraine and Russia would seem to be the most logical as to why the the long queues were formed at the Moscow ATM.


Several cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, which is world’s largest digital currency exchange, has made donations to the Ukrainian government.


Justin Sun of founder and CEO of Tron also made donations to the Ukranian government in digital assets to assist with basic humanitarian needs, such as shelter, food, clothing and warmth, as several of the citizens have been displaced due to the war.




Some Christian faithful were also seen celebrating the Holy mass and sharing of communion under a cold snow weather of about 3degrees.


There are reports that the presidents of the both Nations have agreed to meet at neutral ground so as to discuss possible political solutions.




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