Liverpool Fans Give Cristiano Ronaldo a one-minute Round of Applause, in Respect, Over the Death of his Twin Son

Liverpool Fans Give Cristiano Ronaldo 1 minute Silent Respect

Liverpool Fans at Anfield are planning on going on 1 minute round of applause  at the 7th minute of the Manu-Liverpool game, as a sign of respect and support for Manchester United striker, Cristaino Ronaldo, over the passing of his twin baby boy.


The 37-year old, with his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, announced the passing of one their twin baby on Monday, 17th April 2022. In line with this, Manchester United have confirmed that Ronaldo will miss out on tonight’s game at Red Devils will take on Rivals at their home tuff in Anfield.



A post from Liverpool’s fan Facebook page read: ‘If you are lucky enough to be attending the game tomorrow evening, then please show a mark of respect to Cristiano Ronaldo and his family by taking part in the round of applause which will be held on the seventh minute.

Liverpool Fans Give Cristiano Ronaldo a one minute Round of Applause
Liverpool Fans Give Cristiano Ronaldo a one minute Round of Applause



‘Rivalries should be set aside in heartbreaking circumstances such as these. You’ll Never Walk Alone, CR7



Several of the comments on the post reads;


‘Great gesture! Show the man some love whilst he is going through a horrid time. Can’t imagine the pain he must be going through. We’re humans first, football fans second.



A second said: ‘This is a really nice gesture and this is what football is about! Rivalries aside, let’s show our class by doing this.





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