Little Girl Abandoned by Unknown Persons in Anambra (Video)

Little Girl Abandoned by Unknown Persons in Anambra

A little girl who was abandoned by unknown persons as been found by some good Samaritans who are now trying to connect the girl back with her families.




According the a video obtained by on Thursday, 24th March 2022, narrator who’s voice was heard in the background, said the girl was abandoned by God knows who, between 7:30 and 8pm.



He added that the girl was picked up at Umugbeke, Akwa, in Ihiala Local government Area (suspected to be in Anambra state), at the back of Otolo, in Umugbeke, Akwa.




The narrator also added that some efforts were made to take the little girl to a welfare office in the area, but the office were already closed for the day.



The general public is hereby asked for assistance by circulating the video, so that the girl will be reconnected with her supposed family. 





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