Little Boy Tells Elder Sister who Dances Half-Naked on Camera to Cover Herself (Video)

Little Boy Tells Elder Sister As She Films Herself Dancing In Revealing Outfit

While there is an ongoing war against indecent dressing especially in girls, and war against bad parenting which make young people to be doing things they’re not supposed to be doing and having the guts to be posting them online, a little boy has been hailed on social media after he corrected his elder sister dancing in revealing outfit.


According to the video, which surfaced online, the young lady could be seen wearing a skimpy top, leaving her belly on display as she filmed herself whining her body on camera, and the little man who was obviously not in support of her big sister putting her body on display like that, corrected her at once.


The video elicited reactions from netizens, especially because it emerged at a time when the type of content kids are exposed to is a trending topic online.

@castle_hairhub, “Na so e dey start ooo we still dey settle christland issue. Keep your kids away from things like this please protect their sanity please”.

@iamayotomi, “Cover yourself big sis , that child na elder child”.


@uyehpatience, “This is how it starts and then we will start blaming schools later. Please let’s allow children to be children, allow them to pass through childhood.



It’s very important for them. And please concerning what happened in Christland school, Try and protect your children from Pornography. It’s destroys. Most of these rich spoilt children have access to all kinds of gadgets and they learn nothing but bad things”.







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