Lion Spotted Live at the Burial of Chief Timothy Anyiakaudu Egwuh (Agu Ndi Igbo) in Ukpor, Anambra State (Photos and Video)

Lion Spotted Live at the Burial of Chief Timothy Anyiakaudu Egwuh Agu Ndi Igbo in Ukpor

A live and breathing lion was spotted at the burial of Chief Timothy Anyiakaudu Egwuh (Agu Ndi Igbo), in Ebe Ukpor, in Nnewi South local government of Anambra.



A clip of the rather captivating and scaring time was shared by a facebook user on Saturday, adding that Chief Timothy Anyiakaudu Egwuh, during his time on Earth was fondly known as “Agu Ndi Igbo”



So some group of person’s orgainized themselves to bring in a life and breathing lion secured in a cage into the burial perimises, for sight seeing and funeral entertainment purposes, and pay their last respect to Chief Timothy Anyiakaudu Egwuh.


Ukpor is on one of the major towns in Nnewi South, unfortunately, it has been one of the places where the unknown gun men has visited and burnt properties in recent times since the innugartion of Prof CC Soludo as the governor of Anambra.




It also shares a bother and LGA secretariat with the Unknown Gunmen Infested and besieged Orsumoghu, where the menace of these hoodlums fronting and Biafran freedom fighters 







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